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interest rate decisions from the boe and the ecb. plap plap v . >>> is it safe to register at why the administration has been hush hush on what still needs to be done. intelligence committee chairman mike rogers joins us to explain. >>> breaking news from europe. decision on interest rates could move the markets. we'll bring you that decision and the market reaction. >> and 'tis the season. former toys r us ceo turned retail consultant gives the latest assessment of the holiday shopping season and the state of the consumer. "squawk box" begins right now. >>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "squawk box" here on cnbc. i'm becky quick along with joe kernan, andrew's off this week. leaving interest rates unchanged. that is as we had been expecting. again, the bank of england leaving rates unchanged. right now, why don't we take a look at where the futures stand. this morning after four days of declines, you've seen that the futures have barely budged. obviously the market's going to be looking to see what happens with not only the jobless claims but also the big jobs
-imposed goal for an obama adviser says the five-week emergency, quote, tech surge has doubled the capacity of the online portal. the site can handle 50,000 simultaneous users. but experts say major challenges remain. we'll talk to former hhs secretary michael leavitt in the next half hour. >>> amazon testing delivering packages using drones. could deliver packages that weigh up to 5 pounds, that represents 86% of packages amazon delivers. ceo jeff besos making the announcement on "60 minutes" last night. >> that's the earliest we could get the rules from the faa. my guess is that's probably a little optimistic. but could it be four, five years. >> amazon, the fellow online retailers had a lot on the line today, it's cyber monday, jon fortt joins us onset. your opinion on the drone story? >> well, i think it's possible to do. i worry that pranksters with -- >> my son showed me this. there's a guy that put a submachine gun on the helicopters and used it to destroy a car. the kids get these cool videos that are out there and he found this one. >> we hope he doesn't get angry one
interesting to georgetown university. no money, no savings, no healthcare, nothing. i ended up at a place here in new jersey called thomas edison state college, the second biggest in new jersey, it's a correspondence degree. i got my whole degree when i was 30 for $10,000. my whole college degree in $10,000 in today's dollars. i'm not suggesting that georgetown university needs to serve -- let's call me a loser -- you don't have to serve me. but what can georgetown and syracuse and a lot of other great private universities do to serve more people who are underserved? >> sure. sure. >> two points and i want to come back to your experience, but in answer to your direct question. what we've done is built pipelines with schools that are providing opportunity in the fourth quartile. in the lowest socioeconomic status. the new exciting set of schools, 25 across the nation, first one established in chicago in 1996. we have 51 students at georgetown right now. we do a summer institute for rising seniors. we're doing the same with kipp schools, we have theater programs within the state itself. it's ver
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3